Cooking equipment and other items found in a kitchen.

Kitchenalia is what Cat’s in the Kitchen is all about! You can slice, chop, and whip up your family’s favorite recipes using helpful utensils found at the shop. Want a nut grinder that works without electricity? Bakers will find cookie cutters for every holiday occasion. Come look around and you’ll be amazed by our assortment of bakeware, casserole dishes, mixing bowls, and more!



For Sale – 1929 Westinghouse
Automatic Console Cabinet Range

This electric range only had one owner. It was being used by a well-known quilter in Essex, NY, until she entered a nursing home around 1991. She was 110!
Very good condition: gray and off-white enamel with only a few minor chips and there are three burners. One burner is cracked, but is still in place.
Style # 471134 • Serial # 175132 • 110 volts • 7.16 KW
Size: 41” tall to top of oven; 38” wide; 32.5” tall on burner side. Legs are removable, making it easier to transport.
A damper is located on the oven and an oven thermometer is on the door. A great conversation piece for decor in a retro kitchen setting! Rewire and use!

cik-tableTwo customers bought this classic black and white enamel-top kitchen table at Cat’s in the Kitchen. They took it home, repaired and painted its base, and now it’s a super cool computer workstation.

Speed Queen Ringer Washing Machine

This metal Speed Queen wringer washer (c. 1930) was repurposed by one of our customers. It has swapped dirty laundry for fragrant flowers!

Still Available For Sale

Older all wood washing machine with mounted agitator. $175.