Send a greeting depicting an original cat painting.


About the artist

Sylvia Gerrard was born in Essex, England.  She studied graphics and fabric design at Camberwell Art School in London before taking up painting.  Besides creating charming artworks, she is skilled at sewing and embroidery and enjoys gardening.  She shares a great love for reading and opera with her Scottish-born husband who is a retired librarian.

Since 1970, Sylvia’s work has appeared in numerous art exhibitions in England and Europe as well as in the United States.  The paint Sylvia uses is gouache, an opaque watercolor.

The painting of Prue, the cat in the basket, was one of a series devoted to cats which was reproduced in the 1980s on greeting cards in England.  Sylvia’s painting of Spot (below) captures the likeness of a well-loved American cat owned by a relative of the owner of Cat’s in the Kitchen. Spot’s pose became the inspiration for the store logo (see our logo merchandise).